October 2014 | Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon – TBR

Hello everyone! I am going to be participating in the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. If you would like to join me you can find all the information here. There is a lot of information on their website, but basically it’s a readathon that lasts 24 hours and it starts on October 18, 2014. You can find the start times here, no matter where you are in the world everyone will be starting at the same time.

Important Links:

Sign up to be a reader
Sign up to be a cheerleader
Readathon FAQ

If these links don’t explain everything you can still go on their website and look for whatever questions you have.

I am super excited about this readathon this is my first time participating in it. I’ve only participated in one readathon before and that was the BookTube-A-Thon, which was really fun, so I know this one will be too. I’m probably not going to stay up the full 24 hours, or be reading for 24 hours straight, but I will be trying my best and I hope you guys participate as well!

Anyways, on to the TBR. Since it’s only going to be 24 hours and I have no confidence in my fast reading skills my TBR will be very short, I hope to finish one of these books and get at least half way done their other.


  1. Every Day by David Levithan
  2. My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak
  3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’m not reading these books in any particular order, and also this TBR isn’t set in stone I will change it if I’m not in the mood to read these books or whatever. I will also try to post my progress at the halfway point, or maybe the quarter point after 6 hours. I don’t know yet, but I will post an update somewhere along the day. Ah, I’m so excited and I really hope you guys will join me and the other hundreds of readers participating. Thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you guys next time!

Let’s be friends!



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